“Catch it if you can: this is a delicate and bold piece of work.” The Telegraph

Tu I Teraz


“If you want to survive you can’t fill your head with the past. Truths and untruths, it’s dangerous, all of it. You leave all that. You look forwards.”

Marysia moved to England a long time ago. As far as she is concerned, she has started a new life here with her teenage son, Kuba. But when her sister Anna arrives from Poland unexpectedly, it forces her to think again about her choices.

Should you leave your past behind and start over again or is where you come from the most important thing about you? And has Marysia really left everything from her past behind or is she hiding a secret?

A moving, intelligent, vibrant new play about immigration and family loyalties.


Director  |  Sam Potter

Producer  |  Panda Cox

Producing partners  | Hampstead Theatre London; The Mercury Theatre Colchester; The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton; Out of Joint Theatre; Supported by Arts Council England

“’Tu I Teraz’…. feels incredibly fresh and gives you plenty to think about on your way home.” 

West End Frame

“’Tu I Teraz’ … shines an intriguing light on the difficulties suffered by Polish immigrants to the United Kingdom.”

British Theatre Guide

“A subtle chamber piece here, which examines the nature of emigration”.

What’s on Stage

“Consistently imbued with invaluable insights, offering audiences important and moving glimpses of émigré life…. Recommended.” 

The Morning Star

“Catch it if you can: this is a delicate and bold piece of work.”

The Telegraph