Workshops and Mentoring

Workshops and Mentoring

"We all think and learn differently."

In particular, many students with neuro-diverse/ASD learning profiles need alternative routes to unlock their potential for study.

My tutoring/mentoring is individual-centered: I specialise in supporting GCSE, A level and university students with neuro-diverse learning profiles such as dyspraxia, ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and dyslexia.

I have worked with schools, families and colleges in London and Colchester since 1998. I encourage students to gain understanding of themselves as learners, enabling them to develop strong study skills and an effective personal approach to learning.

My work is guided by my experiences of working with students, my own experiences as a dyspraxic adult and my involvement with DANDA for whom I edited a book ‘Dyspraxic Voices’ (Danda, 2003).

    My workshops address the relationship between art/writing and the self in a productive and fun way, exploring how we can use personal experience directly and indirectly to inform artistic work.

    Aimed at writers and artists of all disciplines, from beginners to experienced writers, the interactive workshops will include group and individual practical writing exercises and stimulating discussion.

    No current dates but please watch this space for new creative workshops and announcements.