Oct 2018. Mercury Theatre Colchester followed by Norwich Arts Norwich Centre, Unity Theatre, Liverpool, The Dukes, Lancaster, York Theatre Royal, Sir Thomas Mills Theatre, Ipswich, The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury, Mighella Studios, University of Reading, POSK London and Salisbury Playhouse.


Silence explores the intergenerational effects of war and displacement through the lens of the UK’s postwar Polish community and their children and grandchildren.


Told from the perspective of three generations of women, the three protagonists, a mother, daughter and granddaughter, represent Poland’s past, present and future.


The play spans 70 years from prewar Poland to post-Brexit UK, and questions the fabric of family. What holds families together and what tears them apart? What happens when silences break? When the unspeakable is spoken?


The subject matter is very prescient due to increasing levels of migration to the UK, prejudice towards UK Poles (since Brexit), and growing scientific interest in epigenetics.



























March - May 2018.  Toured Eastern England with Eastern Angles


Set in Clacton-on-Sea it explores, through the lives of three generations of women, how the changing nature of a place impacts on communities and individuals.


What’s it like when the town you were proud to grow up in becomes impoverished? What does it take to keep going? And what does it take to face the truth?



 Photo: Mike Kwasniak



April 2017.  Oxford Playhouse, Norwich Arts Centre, Marlowe Theatre, the Mercury Theatre Colchester.


The play is a love story about invisible disability.

Chris is a city lawyer; Jess is a Ph.D. student.


Two ordinary people in a relationship who want to get on with their lives. The birth of their son and the economic crash create a catalyst of events that leads them to discover who they really are.


Can their relationship survive the challenges of accepting their newfound reality?





















                 Photo: Suzi Corker



Theatre 503. Part of the Acts of Defiance Festival 2016





 The Mercury Theatre, 2013. Part of ‘The Only Way is Ethics Festival’


 “The blurb warned me that this ten minute play would challenge my preconceptions and prejudices and that the play would be “up close and personal”. My goodness how right they were! Original, mesmerising, absorbing & immersive. Everyone needs to see this and I can’t wait to see it again!” – audience feedback





Hampstead Theatre, London, the Mercury Theatre, Colchester and The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton 2012/2013


The play’s overriding theme is of contemporary migrants - a much-discussed subject at the time of the original performance.


It focuses on a single mother who left Poland as a young woman and is determined to be English; her formerly-violent boyfriend who wants to get back into her life; her non-Polish-speaking teenage son; and her sister, an economic migrant who craves the warmth and comfort of her Polish family and touches on – without preaching about – the tigrish sacrifices migrant mothers make for their children, and on the de-racination of their children, especially those caught between a free-and-easy, non-intellectual street culture and their mothers’ disciplined determination to succeed through hard work. 


Displacement and cultural adjustment, loss and belonging—the universal themes of migrant life—resonate throughout the play.





Part of ‘The Best Years of Your  Life’. Nabakov, Hightide Festival, 2012





A monologue commissioned as part of Paines Plough’s ‘Come To Where I’m From’ project. 2010



Not so dead end


An audio-theque drama produced as part of a Menagerie/BBC collaboration. 2009



Freedoms of the Forest


Menagerie, The Junction, Cambridge, Directed by Patrick Morris. 2008



Japanese Stories


Dis:play production, Mercury Theatre, directed by Rebecca Hall. 2008





Eastern Angles Touring Production, directed by Sam Potter. 2007

“An emotional drama of a high standard…well-argued and engaging...” (Essex County Standard)





Dis:play production, Mercury Theatre, Colchester, directed  by Tony Casement. 2006

“A triumph…highly acclaimed”. (Colchester Evening Gazette)



Davy’s Day


(Slammers), Mercury Theatre Colchester, directed by Adrian Stokes. 2004

“Her first professional play demonstrates a sure touch with dialogue, relationships and pace.” (Essex County Standard)





A radio play for Frequency THEATRE







Silance Cast


Kate Spiro, Tina Gray and Maria Louis.